Welcome to "Church"

It can be easy to confuse the place where Christians gather for worship (the church building), or the time spent in worship (the church worship service) with THE CHURCH (people who have been saved by the grace of Jesus Christ). We continually remind each other that: “You don’t go to church, you ARE the Church!” 

Our primary model for being the church is through missional communities. These smaller communities seek to live out the Gospel where people live, work, and play as a "family of missionary-servants." And while missional communities are our primary model for “being the church” we still gathering together for worship on Sunday mornings. (see Worship Gatherings).

Our long-term vision is to have many different missional communities all over Stanwood and Camano Island that would function as one congregation. So whether you are looking for a community to help you integrate faith more into your daily life or you are looking for a place to worship on Sunday morning, we would be honored to have you join us!

Current Sermon Series

"Gospel Foundation"

We are currently moving through a "mini-series" called "Gospel Foundation." We are taking a few weeks to step back and take a big-picture look at the foundational elements of the Gospel message using some key scriptures as our spring board. Here are the questions that we are going to explore over the next few weeks - and the order is very important! The basic principle is that if we don't answer these in the correct order we can end up with the wrong answer to "What are we to do?"

Week 1: Who is God? (Theology)

Week 2: What has God done? (Christology)

Week 3: Who are we? (Ecclesiology)

Week 4: What are we to do? (Missiology) 

Week 5: How do we do it? (Pneumatology)

The topics and principles used in this series are more fully addressed and beautifully articulated by Jeff Vanderstelt in the Soma School training videos.

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