Welcome to "Church"

It can be easy to confuse the place where Christians gather for worship (the church building), or the time spent in worship (the church worship service) with THE CHURCH (people who have been saved by the grace of Jesus Christ). We continually remind each other that: “You don’t go to church, you ARE the Church!” 

Our primary model for being the church is through missional communities. These smaller communities seek to live out the Gospel where people live, work, and play as a "family of missionary-servants." And while missional communities are our primary model for “being the church” we still gathering together for worship on Sunday mornings. (see Worship Gatherings).

Our long-term vision is to have many different missional communities all over Stanwood and Camano Island that would function as one congregation. So whether you are looking for a community to help you integrate faith more into your daily life or you are looking for a place to worship on Sunday morning, we would be honored to have you join us!

Current Sermon Series

"Jeremiah: God's Message On The Street"

Our current sermon series leads us through the prophetic Old Testament book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah is unique among the prophets in that there is voice given to Jeremiah's own spiritual struggle with God, as well as stories about the troubles he faced in his role as a prophet among God's people. This all took place at a time when God's judgment was being carried out on Israel and Judah.

Jeremiah has a life-in-the-street kind of "grittiness" to it as the prophet seeks to faithfully share God's message in the public sphere - a message that is often unpopular. As we move through Jeremiah we expect that these words will also resonate with our struggles and attempt to live faithfully in our daily lives.

A helpful companion for personal study as we move through this series is the book Run With the Horses by Eugene Peterson.

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