Current Sermon Series:

"The Gift List" A Sermon Series on the Gifts of Christmas

Beginning this Sunday we will begin a sermon series that will focus on some of the gifts that God has given to us that we see revealed in the stories of Jesus' birth found in scripture. The scripture passages that we will be looking at correspond with the book Hidden Christmas by Tim Keller.


  • 11/25 - Isaiah 9:2-7 "The Gift of Light"
  • 12/2 - Matthew 1:1-17 "The Gift of Hope"
  • 12/9 - Matthew 1:18-23 "The Gift of Love"
  • 12/16 - Matthew 2:1-23 "The Gift of Acceptance"
  • 12/23 - Luke 1:27-55 "The Gift of Purpose"
  • 12/30 - Luke 2:8-20 "The Gift of Peace"
  • 1/6 - Luke 2:33-35 "The Gift of Presence"

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