Current Sermon Series:

The Christmas Script

One Stage : Two Plots

We've all seen a Christmas Play - actors dressed as Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Magi - these are all major parts in the Bible's story. It is a story that rocked the world! But at the time of Jesus' birth, these "main characters" were all nobodies on the world stage. On the other hand, those that make the footnotes in the story of Jesus' birth were actually the big shots of the time. Names like Caesar Augustus, Herod, and Egypt. But this is how God works in history. While nations rise and fall, rulers come and go, celebrities shine and fade, God is working out a plot that transforms the world using people of humility, service, and calling. And Jesus "incarnates" all of it!

Join us this Advent as we explore the story within the story and discover God's will for us in the plot that he is directing. 

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