What To Expect

Our worship gatherings are informal and casual, yet centered on Jesus Christ. Starting at 10:00 AM we sing, pray, read scripture, listen to a talk on a Bible passage, and have a time for questions and feedback. We wrap things up around 11:15 AM. 

Children of all ages join us for the first half of our worship time (singing and announcements) and are then kids grades K-5 are excused during the sermon for a children’s lesson in an adjacent room. We do not consider the noise or movement of children a nuisance, but rather an essential part of who we are and a sign of health in our community. 

We are a small gathering on Sunday mornings (30-50 people on average), but have people of many different ages in worship with us including couples, large families, single adults, and also many children and youth. Since we are small you won't be anonymous, but we also won't embarrass you or point you out in any way. We know some people just want to check things out and we are ok with that - no pressure! 

Wondering about what to wear? You will see most people dressed casually in jeans or casual pants/skirts and comfortable shirts (sometimes Seahawks jerseys). You will also see some people dressed up a bit (but rarely will you see a suit). Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and you'll fit right in. If you want to take a tour of our worship space check out our link with information about our new building

Music and worship style is contemporary. Our primary instruments are acoustic guitars and sometimes a keyboard. We celebrate the Lord's Supper together on the first Sunday of every month.

We would love to welcome you to worship with! Join us in the adventure of following Jesus into the world or to explore what that might mean! If you have any questions about the service feel free to email Pastor Brandon: brandon@tidelands.church

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