Ways to Give

You can give in the following ways:

  • Make a donation ONLINE
  • Online Banking Check (through your bank)
  • Mail a Check to: Tidelands Church, PO Box 446, Stanwood, WA 98292
  • Place Checks & Cash in the offering box in the sanctuary on Sunday Morning

*Please note that gifts given online incur a 3% + $.30 service charge (2% + $.30 if using ACH option). You will have the option of choosing to pay this service fee when making your gift in order to allow the church to receive the full amount intended. The service fee will then be added to your total gift.

  • offerings

    Offerings are more than just a way to support your church, they are way to offer back to God in worship a portion of all that God has given to you. Tidelands uses offerings to support our General Fund. This fund pays for all of our day-to-day expenses of operating the church including pastor's salary, building expenses, material costs, etc. In addition, we strive to send 10% of all that we receive in tithes and offerings out to global and local mission initiatives. 

  • missions fund

    Our mission fund is used to supplement our general fund support of missions both globally and locally. Any money given to this fund will only be used for mission support.